Where do we go from here?

indyref, Scottish Referendum, Yes Campaign, Portobello, Edinburgh“All the flowers are dying! Mummy, look! All the yes posters are gone and the flowers are dying. Do you think they’re dying because they were voting yes and no won? Will they go alive again?”

For a minute it wasn’t clear to me whether my six year old was talking about the yes voters or the flowers.  She’s still asking questions about the referendum and she’s asking questions because she, like the rest of Scotland, was electrified by it.

On the day of the referendum she got up at 6am with her dad to put out A boards at polling stations. All day she handed out leaflets, skipping up to voters with a big grin that made them impossible to refuse. She steadfastly refused to believe it could be a no vote, despite being told it likely would and despite her playground being evenly decided between yes and no.

That’s right, her playground. Because even in P3 the vote was all they could talk about.  When I asked her about what she said about it to her mates she said, “That it’s not right that England should tell Scotland what to do.” When I asked what her no voting mates said to her, she said: “That things are fine the way they are, so why change?” or “Because their mums and dads might lose their jobs.” Continue reading Where do we go from here?